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Easycab Pro Kitchen 3D is a 3D modeling software that lets users create furniture designs and organize them in their virtual kitchen. This graphics designing program offers all the necessary tools to build your designs from scratch. When you need a simple to use yet feature-rich and sizable kitchen designing app, this one is for you.

Design Your Kitchen Furniture

With Easycab Pro Kitchen 3D, you can have a model construction that is sizable with no fillers, frames, and euro. You can size all the cabinets and furniture you design in seconds to fit any room. Whether you want to design a 45-angle cabinet, pull out shelves, multi-panel raised doors, or even raised drawer faces, you can do so and have them fit in your kitchen layout in a jiffy. The app also boasts a large material library so you can design any furniture regardless of its material—may it be wood, glass, or a mix of both.

Aside from the size, the app also allows the designer to change the position of the furniture inside the selected room. With this, you can see how the room would look once you add the furniture. And as with the size change, changes in the position can also be made fast. All furniture size and position customization are available in both 3D and 2D interface.

Material Calculator and Other Features

Easycab Pro Kitchen 3D offers an easy way for designers to create a 3D model of kitchen furniture and organize them to see how they will look using the virtual kitchen. However, the app does not stop there. For added convenience, it also comes equipped with a calculating tool that helps estimate the materials for each designed furniture. This list includes a cutlist showing part sizes, rabbet, and dado locations. More so, the app can create a list of parts options for materials and even a list of positions for different items. With this, you no longer have to do the material list yourself. You can also look up to the list for suggestions of where to put your furniture best.

Aside from convenient workspace for furniture designing, Easycab Pro Kitchen 3D also includes 2D floor plan, floor tiles, appliances, furnishings, textures, and wallpapers—all of which are in a layout of 10 3D kitchen rooms. This way, you can see an exact model of how your kitchen will look.

Easycab Pro Kitchen 3D also allows users to import projects from other similar tools like Cut2D and VCarve. It also supports fifty percent dado, blind dado, and rabbet construction. What’s more, this tool allows you to create models for any CNC machines. Finally, Easycab Pro Kitchen 3D can show a kitchen design in many different wood grains for you or your customer to decide which wood they like the best.

Helpful and Powerful Design Tool

Easycab Pro Kitchen 3D is a designer’s friend when it comes to designing a kitchen cabinet and furnishing. The app comes rich with features to make designing a little more convenient. It has more than one hundred programmable parameters and dimensions that controls every part of your design, from dados and rabbets to rails and side widths. Simply put, this app is recommended when you are looking for a powerful kitchen design software.

Easycab Pro Kitchen is a 3D modeling software to create your own furniture designs and organize those models in your virtual kitchen. You can edit sizes of your created furniture models to fit in different rooms. This software has all the features necessary to build your designs from scratch, thanks to its big material library that includes materials from wood to glass. Easycab Pro Kitchen includes 2D floor plan, floor tiles, appliances, furnishings, textures and wallpapers, all that in a layout of ten 3D kitchen rooms. Changes in furniture size and position inside a selected room can be made fast, so you can create your customized kitchen in a 3D or 2D interface. This tool calculates materials for furnitures, creating lists of parts, options for materials and positions for different items. Easycab Pro Kitchen allows you to import projects from software tools like Cut2D, VCarve, among others. You can create frameless or face frame cabinets. It supports fifty percent dado and blind dado and rabbet construction. This tool allows you to create models for any CNC Machine.


  • Sizable Modeling Software
  • Large Material Library
  • Material Calculator
  • Allows Users to Import Designs Made from Other Programs


  • Basic Interface
  • May Require Longer Learning Curve, Especially for Beginners

Program available in other languages

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